Our Own Straw Bale Home

We believe that if you are going to be convincing in anything that you do then you should be convinced yourself.  That is why we live in our own straw bale house.  It is now 15 years since we brought straw bale building to Australia and for the past 12 years we have had the amazing benefits of living in a straw bale home made up of 7 pavilions.

Our own home filmed by Better Homes and Gardens in Ganmain this is where we live and we love our straw bale home.


Thank you Better Homes and Gardens and especially Johanna Griggs, ENJOY!



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We are experiencing an increased demand for our services and help with all things straw bale especially the SITUPS.  The email inbox is getting very full.  Email by all means and for best results from us and so that you know that you have not been forgotten please include your telephone contact details and we will call you back.  We will do our best to reply to all the emails in a timely manner however you are also very welcome to call us.  Our contact details are on the top right hand side of the front page.  THANK YOU.

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Enroll Here for the Workshop

In March in Autumn in Beechworth what a great time of the year to be in the NE of Victoria learning how to build a hybrid straw bale home!


We will be facilitating a custom workshop for our clients who have a block of land in Beechworth.

Floor Plan


Lake Sambell Caravan Park

header-Lake-Sambell-Caravan-Park_05 gallery002e



2.  EASTER 2016




FRIDAY 25th. MARCH to TUESDAY MARCH 29th. 2016

Enrol Here for the Workshop

flat,1000x1000,075,f (1)

Ganmain 02

10 Ganmain Home Marraiage Room External

Come see the Marriage Room part of our straw bale home in Ganmain. There are 14 different straw bale buildings here that make up our business and home.

Accommodation at the Royal Hotel in Ganmain.  Always a very popular workshop so book early and come join us the home workshops are always a lot of fun and many long term friendships have blossomed over these weekends.

Easter WS 22

Come and get down and dirty learning earthen render and how to make an earthen floor apart from learning how to build in straw.



We receive several enquiries for custom workshops every month from all over Australia.  We have started setting dates for 2015.   So if you want Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions to conduct a custom workshop to assist you in your building, then now is the time to contact us.  We have done so many of these workshops and below is an idea of what can be achieved over a 5 day custom workshop.

Only as good as your last job so they say.  The Aldinga workshop was a huge success and one of the very best that we have conducted.  Here are a few photos of the 5 day workshop in a great little eco village:

Aldinga 06

Aldinga 04

Aldinga 19

Aldinga 38

Aldinga 43

Aldinga 64

Aldinga 47


Latest success at Carngham here is the plan:

Matt Thain 001

Plan for Carngham House

01 Thain Day 1

Day 1 at Carngham Preparation for Workshop

43 END


End of Carngham Workshop Total 8 days from slab to ready for roofing.

Canungra Day 1

Canungra Day 6

Oxley Day 1 

Oxley Day 5

Gympie Day 1

Gympie Day 5

Gympie Roof On!


Latest News.

Just received two lots of news from our clients.  The first comes via the Building Surveyor on the Aldinga home Peter Chapman.  Tara and John are moving along very well right now.

Peter Chapman Aldinga 02 Peter Chapman Pics 01

The roof is now complete:

Peter Chapman Aldinga 03 Peter Chapman Aldinga 04 Peter Chapman Aldinga 05 Peter Chapman Aldinga 06 Peter Chapman Aldinga 07.jp

The second piece of news comes from Canowindra and Sam Statham a long time mate of ours:

ABC Story on Rosnay Straw Bale Homes

Sam August 19 11

Happy New Year!

Botswana 2

Susan and John wish all our clients, customers and many straw bale friends a wonderful 2016 with many new straw bale buildings going up.  The above photo comes from Botswana and on the bucket list to help with the poaching of elephants.  Botswana is doing something right and have 200,000 of the 400,000 or so elephants left in Africa.


Elephants have nothing to do with straw bale building?  For me it has everything to do with Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions as any profits that I make personally go towards supporting Rotary and the work being done for endangered species.

This year in fact right now we have launched our SITUPS or the Super Insulated Tilt Up Panel System.  We have 6 SITUPS on the ground now and we are confident that their time as come.  We look forward to showing you more as the year goes by and into the future.

Owner Builder put out a story on our SITUPS and here is the article in pdf.

SITUPS Article OB#192 Glassford

Please support Owner Builder and subscribe to their magazine or advertise your sustainable building services:

Owner Builder Web Site

We will also be running several workshops during 2016 for our Hybrid Straw Bale Building Method.  We have been using the hybrid method now since 2004 and have had very few problems with it and no warranty calls.


14 Safari Club

Aldinga Update after 10 Working Days.

Aldinga 54

On the way home from Aldinga and the many friends we made there. This workshop is right up there with the best that we have done. Super organisation by Tara and John and great work by all the volunteers students and family. too many to mention here. As well the work done by Hugh and Leigh the professionals on the job, made it one of our best yet. We are now in Robe on the long way home trying to beat the expected heat tomorrow. Here are some photos up to date as of this morning. The last three crossing the Murray River by ferry near Lake Alexandrina where the Mighty Murray enters the sea.

Aldinga 55Aldinga 56 Aldinga 57 Aldinga 58 Aldinga 59 Aldinga 60 Aldinga 61 Aldinga 62 Aldinga 63 Aldinga 64 Aldinga 65 Aldinga 66 Aldinga 67 Aldinga 68 Aldinga 69

Last Day of Aldinga Workshop

Today was our last day on the Aldinga Straw Bale Workshop.  It has gone very well and we are staying for an extra two days ot help with the building of the loft using straw bales.  Here are the latest photos form today a lot of progress, hard work but an excellent result.  Tara and John are extremely hard workers and the people who live in the Aldinga Eco Art Village are pretty special.

Aldinga 48 Aldinga 49 Aldinga 50 Aldinga 51 Aldinga 52 Aldinga 53

Aldinga Straw a Plenty

Aldinga 47

5 minutes from the building site and 30 minutes to Adelaide!

Aldinga Day 4 of the workshop

Aldinga 40 Aldinga 41 Aldinga 42 Aldinga 43 Aldinga 44 Aldinga 45

Aldinga Day 2 & 3 of the Workshop

Here are the latest photos from the workshop at Aldinga all going well and very fast.

Aldinga 29 Aldinga 30 Aldinga 31 Aldinga 32 Aldinga 33 Aldinga 34 Aldinga 35 Aldinga 36 Aldinga 38 Aldinga 39

Days 3&4 at Aldinga

Very busy here had a major problem with straw bale supply.  The first load was delivered before the devastating fires North of Adelaide.   The farmer supplying the bales lost everything including the truck which was loaded ready for delivery.  The clients have sourced another supplier but they are different bales and a bit softer.

Day 4 was the start of the workshop and here are some updates.

Click on the thumb nails please.

Aldinga 17Aldinga 18 Aldinga 19 Aldinga 20 Aldinga 21 Aldinga 22 Aldinga 23 Aldinga 24 Aldinga 25 Aldinga 26 Aldinga 27 Aldinga 28

Day 2 at Aldinga

Photos from Day 2 I am a day behind with the post so will catch up tomorrow.

Aldinga 09 Aldinga 10 Aldinga 11 Aldinga 13 Aldinga 14 Aldinga 16

Work Started at Aldinga


The Aldinga Arts Eco Village in South Australia is a sustainable housing development based around the principles of permaculture, with a focus on arts and the environment. This video shows a very small sample of the houses and beautiful landscape that has been transformed over the past 10 years.

We have started preparing for the workshop at Aldinga in South Australia.

We are helping a young couple and their daughter build their own straw bale home in the village.

More on the village as we learn about this amazing place and the people that live here.

Some photos below:

Aldinga 03 Aldinga 04 Aldinga 05 Aldinga 06 Aldinga 07 Aldinga 08