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We are experiencing an increased demand for our services and help with all things straw bale.  The email inbox is getting very full.  Email by all means and for best results from us and so that you know that you have not been forgotten please include your telephone contact details and we will call you back.  We will do our best to reply to all the emails in a timely manner however you are also very welcome to call us.  Our contact details are on the top right hand side of the front page.  THANK YOU.

Cape Town dressSusan is happy to take your call.

0412 11 61 57 or (02) 6927 6027

 Straw Bale Workshop #151






Enrol Here for the Workshop

10 Ganmain Home Marraiage Room External

Come see the Marriage Room part of our straw bale home in Ganmain. There are 14 different straw bale buildings here that make up our business and home.

Accommodation at the Royal Hotel in Ganmain.  Always a very popular workshop so book early and come join us the home workshops are always a lot of fun and many long term friendships have blossomed over these weekends.

Easter WS 22

Come and get down and dirty learning earthen render and how to make an earthen floor apart from learning how to build in straw.



We receive several enquiries for custom workshops every month from all over Australia.  We have started setting dates for 2015.   So if you want Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions to conduct a custom workshop to assist you in your building, then now is the time to contact us.  We have done so many of these workshops and below is an idea of what can be achieved over a 5 day custom workshop.

Latest success at Carngham here is the plan:

Matt Thain 001

Plan for Carngham House

01 Thain Day 1

Day 1 at Carngham Preparation for Workshop

43 END


End of Carngham Workshop Total 8 days from slab to ready for roofing.

Canungra Day 1

Canungra Day 6

Oxley Day 1 

Oxley Day 5

Gympie Day 1

Gympie Day 5

Gympie Roof On!


Our Own Straw Bale Home

We believe that if you are going to be convincing in anything that you do then you should be convinced yourself.  That is why we live in our own straw bale house.  It is now 15 years since we brought straw bale building to Australia and for the past 12 years we have had the amazing benefits of living in a straw bale home made up of 7 pavilions.

Our own home filmed by Better Homes and Gardens in Ganmain this is where we live and we love our straw bale home.


Thank you Better Homes and Gardens and especially Johanna Griggs, ENJOY!



Woodend SITUPS Progress

Latest from Woodend the trusses are on and the roof cladding follows very soon:

Rebecca Feb 11 2015

Returned to the SITUPS at Woodend and there is good progress despite the rain they had.  All is well and here are some photos from our visit on Tuesday 20th January.  They expect to start roofing next week.

Rebecca 18 Rebecca 19 Rebecca 20 Rebecca 21 Rebecca 22 Rebecca 23 Rebecca 24

Latest News on the SITUPS in Mudgee

Yesterday we were catching up with our client in the Hunter Valley with the 3rd SITUPS home. All is going well and it is now locked up and the internal finishes are being done. Great work Mandy. Love your work Lance.

01 Mandy Dec 02 Mandy Dec 03 Mandy Dec 04 Mandy Dec 05 Mandy Dec 06 Mandy Dec 07 Mandy Dec 08 Mandy Dec 09 Mandy Dec


 Another excellent day with a lot accomplished fixing down one pavilion and making lintels.

01 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 00109 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 02603 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 00902 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 00504 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 01105 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 01506 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 01608 Mudgee SITUPS day 3 023

The Last Straw SITUPS Article


Just published in The Last Straw magazine:

The SITUPS Super Insulated Panel System.

WWW 10 Wagga Wagga 5 (3)




Central Coast Rudolph Steiner School Hall

Here are the latest photographs taken by Jerusha and family thanks team!


Steiner 5 Email


Steiner 1 EmailSteiner 2 EmailSteiner 3 EmailSteiner 4 EmailSteiner 6 Email


Carngham Worksop Day 5

Last day of workshop #150 for Huff n Puff we made it and the walls are compressed and ready for roofing. Great team involved over the 5 days and thanks go to our clients Matt, Sally, Rose and Oliver plus the dogs chooks and the like. Special thanks must go to the team of Dan (Aussie), Berry (Netherlands), Andre (Aussie), Marcel, (Germany), Rod (Canada) and of course My Little Wolverine. Here are the photos from today a stunning result for straw bale building.

33 Thain Day 8 34 Thain Day 8 35 Thain Day 8 36 Thain Day 8 37 Thain Day 8 38 Thain Day 8 39 Thain Day 8 40 Thain Day 8 41 Thain Day 8 42 Thain Day 8

Carngham Workshop Day 4

Just did not have enough time today to photo the work being done but here are two photos to show how we progressed.

31 Thain Day 7 32 Thain Day  7

Carngham Workshop Day 3

This is a very different workshop heads down etc and we are on target to get 900+ bales up in a 300 square metre home by day 5!

24 Thain Day 6 25 Thain Day 6 26 Thain Day 6 27 Thain Day 6 28 Thain Day 6 29 Thain Day 6

Carngham Workshop Day 1

Today all our students, helpers and friends of the family came and we started early unloaded two trucks of bales and got on with it.  An excellent day and we achieved a lot in one day.  We are still on target to have all the walls up and compressed by Wednesday next week ready for roofing.

11 Thain Day 4 12 Thain Day 4 13 Thain Day 4 14 Thain Day 4 15 Thain Day 4 16 Thain Day 4 17 Thain Day 4

Carngham Workshop Preparation Day 3

I simply ran out of puff yesterday and did not take any photos.  Here are some from early this morning to knock off at 7 pm tonight.  A big day and we achieved a lot ready for the workshop in the morning starting with the delivery of the bales.

05 Thain Day 3 06 Thain Day  3 07 Thain Day 3 08 Thain Day 3 09 Thain Day 3 10 Thain Day 3

Carngham Workshop Preparation

We have been very busy and here are some photos from Day 1 of the preparation. I will post more as time permits as this is a large building with many internal straw bale walls.

01 Thain Day 1 02 Thain Day 1 03 Thain Day 1 04 Thain Day 1

Directions to Carngham Workshop

Directions to the Carngham Straw Bale Workshop 


Travel along Sturt Street and head West until you get to the roundabout before the Victory Arch.  Sturt Street is the main road through Ballarat a divided road.  Just before Victory Arch turn left at the roundabout into Learmonth Street for about 1 km turn right at the roundabout onto the Ballarat – Carngham Road.

Travel for 26 kms or so go through Carngham (NOTHING THERE) go up over a hill and 2 ks on the left is Station Lane turn left here look for Fitzpatrick’s Lane on your right and we are at #178 on the right hand side and you will see the new slab a new weatherboard house and a large tin shed and various cars.

Call Matt on 0413 586 583 if you get lost.



Take the western highway
Take the 4th exit to ballarat, it will say Wendouree/Alfredton
This takes you onto Gilles st, going south on Gilles st for about 4kms, you”ll hit a t intersection.
Go right
Then in 300m turn left at the next T in trisection (Learmonth st) at the next roundabout Turn right at Ballarat Carngham rd
Continue for 26kms and follow the brown and white highway signs
for Chepstowe Vineyard s to your destination(178 Fitzpatrick lane)
Take the Western Highway
Continue Straight through Beaufort
Take the Snake Valley turn off
Continue 25kms
And follow the chepstowe vineyard signs to your destination(178 Fitzpatrick Lane)
For Google maps and Navman    Enter 178 Fitzpatrick lane Carngham 3351
We’ll see you then!
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