We still do not have an air conditioner just two ceiling fans and good management.    We  close up at 6.30 am and open up when the temp starts going down outside after sunset.

We have had 4 very hot weeks culminating today in 45C + and yesterday was just as hot.

Nights are a challenge but our straw bale marriage room is performing well.

The living room pavilion is performing exceptionally well and here is an example:

Ignore the time I took this at 7 pm under the eaves outside.  It was much hotter in the sun.

Yesterday 46C, Today expected 45C, this week we had every day above 35C and Thursday was 40C.

So you have to cool the building down at night.



We have returned to Ganmain from the Christmas holiday break with family.

Now 2017 promises to be a water shed year for Huff n Puff.  Our work since we started building in straw bale in 1997 is showing fruit after 20 years now.  We have conducted 160 straw bale workshops around Australia  and New Zealand.

We have developed the SITUPS now and this side of our business is growing faster than we expected.  There are now 10 SITUPS buildings  either completed or under way around Australia.  It is this side of the business that we will concentrate on from now on.

This means less workshops in 2017 as we are but two right now!

We look forward to helping all of you who email or better still call us for advice.  0412 11 61 57

We promise to work hard and help straw bale building reach new heights in 2017. 

Our Own Straw Bale Home

We believe that if you are going to be convincing in anything that you do then you should be convinced yourself.  That is why we live in our own straw bale house.  It is now over 18 years since we brought straw bale building to Australia and for the past 15 years we have had the amazing benefits of living in a straw bale home made up of 7 pavilions.

Our own home filmed by Better Homes and Gardens in Ganmain this is where we live and we love our straw bale home.


Thank you Better Homes and Gardens and especially Johanna Griggs, ENJOY!



Welcome to all our web page visitors.


G ‘ day

We are experiencing an increased demand for our services and help with all things straw bale especially the SITUPS.  The email inbox is getting very full.  Email by all means and for best results from us and so that you know that you have not been forgotten please include your telephone contact details and we will call you back.  We will do our best to reply to all the emails in a timely manner however you are also very welcome to call us.  THANK YOU.

Cape Town dressSusan is happy to take your call.

0412 11 61 57 or (02) 6927 6027



Due to the long range weather forecast we feel we need to make safety our top priority and the heat we expect at the end of the month is extreme.  So we will move this workshop to Easter starting Friday April 14th.  More details to follow.


WORKSHOP # 161/2



FRIDAY 14th April to TUESDAY 18th January 2017

Enrol Here for the Workshop

Golden Ganmain Hay Stacks
Golden Ganmain Hay Stacks

10 Ganmain Home Marraiage Room External


Come see the Marriage Room part of our straw bale home in Ganmain. There are 14 different straw bale buildings here that make up our business and home.  Below is our Living Room Pavilion:


Accommodation at the Royal Hotel in Ganmain.  Always a very popular workshop so book early and come join us the home workshops are always a lot of fun and many long term friendships have blossomed over these weekends.

Easter WS 22

Come and get down and dirty learning earthen render and how to make an earthen floor apart from learning how to build in straw.





DAY 1 Slab ready to build on. 


Start of Day 2 ALL SITUPS in place next job window and door lintels.

Back home in Ganmain after three weeks on the road, well four.  Here is one of the beautiful SITUPS Straw Panel homes that we supplied and helped to put up the walls while away on this trip. Our clients John and Kym are into the future of the built environment and see straw as one great ways to help build a sustainable Passiv Haus (super insulation, air tight, well ventilated living) home.  Early days but a great start into main stream building.  This property is in Redesdale, Victoria fronting Lake Eppalock near Bendigo.  There was a great team including the clients and their Passiv Haus Certified builder Stuart Lee from Craftsmen Quality Builders who helped put all of this together in under two days. 


We receive several enquiries for custom workshops every month from all over Australia.  We have started setting dates for 2017.   So if you want Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions to conduct a custom workshop to assist you in your building, then now is the time to contact us.  We have done so many of these workshops and below is an idea of what can be achieved over a 5 day custom workshop.

Our last workshop held at Calingiri in Western Australia went very well and here are some photos of what we did in the 5 days:

Calingiri Western Australia Day 1



Calingiri Day 3



Calingiri Day 5





Aldinga South Australia

The Aldinga workshop was a huge success and one of the very best that we have conducted.  Here are a few photos of the 5 day workshop in a great little eco village.

Aldinga 06

Aldinga 04

Aldinga 19

Aldinga 38

Aldinga 43

Aldinga 64

Aldinga 47


Carngham in Victoria and here is the plan:

Matt Thain 001

Day 1 at Carngham Preparation for Workshop

01 Thain Day 1

End of Carngham Workshop Total 8 days from slab to ready for roofing.

43 END


One in Queensland at Canungra 3 Pavilions in 5 Days!

Canungra Day 1

Canungra Day 6


Oxley in Victoria Amazing Result!

Oxley Day 1 

Oxley Day 5


Also Gympie in Queensland most enjoyable and successful.

Gympie Day 1

Gympie Day 5

Gympie Roof On the week following the workshop!


We have now completed 160 Straw Bale Workshops around Australia a great way to get your straw bale house started!  Call us!

# 9 SITUPS Building


This is our 9th SITUPS building, a home for a delightful couple Anne and Sean near Daylesford in Central Victoria.

The second SITUPS home we supplied last week went to Central Victoria near Daylesford. We went there after the Bendigo SITUPS home and again helped with the erection process of these tilt-up super insulated panels.

I will post more on this project soon. Here are some photos of the process this time on piers bearers and joists. The second part will be on a concrete slab. It is a beautiful design which complements the existing stone house and Bed and Breakfast. “Stone and Straw”


SITUPS Victoria Bendigo


Back home in Ganmain after three weeks on the road, well four. Here is one of the beautiful SITUPS Straw Panel homes that we supplied and helped to put up the walls.

This is in Victoria around the Bendigo area. I will post two sets of pics here for now. There was a great team including the clients who put all of this together in under two days.

Our clients are into the future of the built environment and see straw as one great way to help the environment become sustainable. Early days but a great start in main stream building.

jb-01jb-02 jb-03 jb-04 jb-05 jb-06 jb-07 jb-08-a jb-09 jb-10 jb-11 jb-12 jb-13 jb-14 jb-15 jb-16 jb-17 jb-18 jb-19 jb-20 jb-21 jb-22 jb-23 jb-24 jb-25

SITUPS Bolivia NSW Day 2

I will let the photos do the talking amazing result after only two days.  Remember we started with a slab yesterday morning and  with a great crew including Lyndon, Graham, Nathan, Mark, Susan Irene and Jessie, we now have it close to ready for roofing.  One more day and it will be ready to roof and even start rendering.


webb-07 webb-08 webb-09 webb-10 webb-11 webb-12 webb-14 webb-15

Good night!


We have a new team in  our factory Fanny and Jeremy from France.  Fanny and Jeremy are travelling through Australia on a working holiday visa.  They are working with us in the factory making SITUPS for one of our ever growing clients.  They are a delightful couple and we will miss them when they leave to continue their journey.

Fanny and Jeremy


We are well under way filling the next order for a SITUPS home in Victoria.  Here is the last 500 mm wide x 2.7 metre high SITUP being processed.  This is an exciting state of the art home to be built using the SITUPS and we look forward to installing the panels soon.


SITUPS Progesss

Just an update on the progress of the SITUPS.

We have three orders to fill, two for NSW and one for Victoria.  Plenty of enquiry as well following the article in the Owner Builder recently.  Here is a concept of one of the three under production.  Looking forward to getting out there delivering and erecting these SITUP buildings.

SITUPS Concept 1

If you are interested in the SITUPS  and have a plan, albeit at concept stage, give us a call.

Will post photos when we get going.