SITUPS Bolivia NSW Day 2

I will let the photos do the talking amazing result after only two days.  Remember we started with a slab yesterday morning and  with a great crew including Lyndon, Graham, Nathan, Mark, Susan Irene and Jessie, we now have it close to ready for roofing.  One more day and it will be ready to roof and even start rendering.


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Good night!


We have a new team in  our factory Fanny and Jeremy from France.  Fanny and Jeremy are travelling through Australia on a working holiday visa.  They are working with us in the factory making SITUPS for one of our ever growing clients.  They are a delightful couple and we will miss them when they leave to continue their journey.

Fanny and Jeremy


We are well under way filling the next order for a SITUPS home in Victoria.  Here is the last 500 mm wide x 2.7 metre high SITUP being processed.  This is an exciting state of the art home to be built using the SITUPS and we look forward to installing the panels soon.


SITUPS Progesss

Just an update on the progress of the SITUPS.

We have three orders to fill, two for NSW and one for Victoria.  Plenty of enquiry as well following the article in the Owner Builder recently.  Here is a concept of one of the three under production.  Looking forward to getting out there delivering and erecting these SITUP buildings.

SITUPS Concept 1

If you are interested in the SITUPS  and have a plan, albeit at concept stage, give us a call.

Will post photos when we get going.


Workshop Day 8 Homeward Bound

We have done our job here at Calingiri.  An excellent result all round and one of the best families that we have ever worked with on a straw bale building.  To all of the Woods thank you so much for the hospitality good times and hard work.  We are now in Perth on our way very early tomorrow for Ganmain via Sydney and Coolamon:

Calingiri 47 Calingiri 48 Calingiri 49

Progress in Western Australia

We have great progress at Calingiri with Josie our site manager in charge:

Calingiri 16

With spasmodic Internet connection it  has been hard to get stories up every day on this building in Calingiri WA.  Here are the latest photos form a concrete slab 5 days ago to the start of the rendering on Day 5:

Calingiri 14Calingiri 15 Calingiri 17 Calingiri 18 Calingiri 19 Calingiri 20 Calingiri 21 Calingiri 22 Calingiri 23 Calingiri 24 Calingiri 25


Straw Bale Workshop # 157 in Western Australia

Calingiri 01

We are on a farm at Calingiri in Western Australia building a straw bale office and accommodation for our clients Suzanne and Steve.  The Internet is almost non-existent where we are staying so I have limited access here to our web site.  Here are some photos of the progress to date and after 3 days from a slab we are close to getting all the walls up ready for compression today:

Calingiri 02Calingiri 03 Calingiri 04 Calingiri 05 Calingiri 06 Calingiri 07 Calingiri 08 Calingiri 09 Calingiri 10 Calingiri 11 Calingiri 12 Calingiri 13