SITUPS Straw Bale Home | Low Energy Passive House

Our clients Kym and John Beurle chose the SITUPS method of building with straw bale for their passive in Redesdale, Victoria and John introduces the video here.  It is a very professional production and that includes the video!

Thank you John for taking straw bale building to another level.

“As you know Kym and I have been building a straw bale ‘Passive House’ in Redesdale central Victoria over the last couple of years.

Our ‘Noonameena’ is now complete and has just received formal certification from the German Passive House Institute as the first ‘Low Energy’ classification home in Australia and we believe only the 5th straw bale certified home in the world. Check out the video above that we have to see more of our project. 

We plan to open as a B&B later this year so if you need a relaxing weekend away, 90 mins form Melbourne let us know. ‘Mates rates’ of course!

Some of you may also know I have recently passed the Passive House technical design course and have established with a plan to help others on the exciting and satisfying journey we have enjoyed in building a highly efficient and comfortable living environment at an affordable price. Should you know of anyone who may be interested in exploring what we have done, please pass on my details. Thanks!

A big thank you to the team at Efficiency Matrix for the video and all that have helped with our project”.

Passive House Explained

We have much pleasure in introducing you to one of our clients John Beurle from Passive House Services in Victoria.  We have found john to be passionate about designing houses that work for you and his interest in passive House Design has us excited.

We have created a page for his business on our website and we hope you will take advantage of his dedicated work to help us all live lightly on the planet by reducing our energy consumption.

John’s page is here we will update this page as more news comes in from John and his team:

Passive House Services.


SITUPS Home Passes Test

Blower Door test similar to the one done on the SITUPS.

Good news our SITUPS are performing well with the latest SITUPS home nearing completion.  Our clients have gone to great lengths to ensure a home that passes the stringent requirements for a Passive House certification.

“Great result this week. With Passive House you make the inside air tight (no leaks) and use a mechanical ventilation system to move air in and out moderating the inside temp. To test the airtightness they use a blower door to measure outward pressure then inward pressure and average the air flows (leaks). Typical house would be 15-20 air changes per hour, Passive House certified maximum is .6 air changes, we got .28! Lowest the guy has seen. So all that tape and paper has paid off.”

Passive House Institute Web Site

Blower Door Testing



Congratulations John and Kym.

Our Own Straw Bale Home

We believe that if you are going to be convincing in anything that you do then you should be convinced yourself.  That is why we live in our own straw bale house.  It is now over 18 years since we brought straw bale building to Australia and for the past 15 years we have had the amazing benefits of living in a straw bale home made up of 7 pavilions.

Our own home filmed by Better Homes and Gardens in Ganmain this is where we live and we love our straw bale home.


Thank you Better Homes and Gardens and especially Johanna Griggs, ENJOY!



Straw Bale Workshops 2018


Straw Bale Workshops 2018


Susan and I have decided that after 165 straw bale workshops around Australia that we have to take a new direction.

A very hard decision to make as we have enjoyed conducting workshops and making so many friends around Australia and New Zealand.

I will take the information down off our web site over the next few weeks.

We are now 100%  into the manufacturing of our SITUPS straw bale wall building system.

We are experiencing an increased demand for our services and help with all things straw bale especially the SITUPS.  The email inbox is getting very full.  Email by all means and for best results from us and so that you know that you have not been forgotten please include your telephone contact details and we will call you back.  We will do our best to reply to all the emails in a timely manner however you are also very welcome to call us.  THANK YOU.

Cape Town dress


Susan is happy to take your call.

Come and visit us in Ganmain please call for an appointment and we will do our best to be here to answer your questions.

Susan on 0412 11 61 57 or John on 0498 190 880

Golden Ganmain Hay Stacks
Golden Ganmain Hay Stacks

10 Ganmain Home Marraiage Room External


Come see the Marriage Room part of our straw bale home in Ganmain. There are 14 different straw bale buildings here that make up our business and home.  Below is our Living Room Pavilion:


Easter WS 22



Today September 18th we started our 12th SITUPS home.  The block of land is situated in Bathurst and our client has chosen a very good builder and his team from Bathurst.  David Marshall of MADiK Constructions, is enjoying the experience of building with a new medium SITUPS.  Here are some photos from today, we did not get unloaded until 10.30 and stopped work at 4pm.  A good day with a team that has not put these up before.

Leaving Ganmain

The view over Bathurst

The slab ready to go!

Looking forward to tomorrow, perfect weather!

Cat & Door walk

This is the first automatic cat and door entry that I have seen, it works when the tag on the dog or cat is close enough for their private door to open.

There is one installed in one of the SITUPS currently being fitted out.  I would say the first in the world in a straw bale home!

Back to Basics Workshop at Grong Grong




SATURDAY 30th. September to WEDNESDAY  4th October 2017


Even with a small team of volunteers and a couple of workshop participants we have achieved an enormous amount in the 5 days.  the earth Garden is looking great and this building will enhance it’s work and be a central point for the volunteers to meet and enjoy their work.

Here are some photos from the last day.

The Huff n Puff HYBRID Method



We receive several enquiries for custom workshops every month from all over Australia.  We have started setting dates for 2017.   So if you want Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions to conduct a custom workshop to assist you in your building, then now is the time to contact us.  We have done so many of these workshops and below is an idea of what can be achieved over a 5 day custom workshop.

Our last workshop held at Calingiri in Western Australia went very well and here are some photos of what we did in the 5 days:

Calingiri Western Australia Day 1


Calingiri Day 3


Calingiri Day 5




Aldinga South Australia

The Aldinga workshop was a huge success and one of the very best that we have conducted.  Here are a few photos of the 5 day workshop in a great little eco village.

Aldinga 06

Aldinga 04

Aldinga 19

Aldinga 38

Aldinga 43

Aldinga 64

Aldinga 47

Carngham in Victoria and here is the plan:

Matt Thain 001

Day 1 at Carngham Preparation for Workshop

01 Thain Day 1

End of Carngham Workshop Total 8 days from slab to ready for roofing.

43 END

One in Queensland at Canungra 3 Pavilions in 5 Days!

Canungra Day 1

Canungra Day 6

Oxley in Victoria Amazing Result!

Oxley Day 1 

Oxley Day 5