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Energy efficiency

Modern technology has changed natural harmony. As much as 10% of the total world economy is dedicated to the building and construction industry, to constructing, operating and equipping homes, offices and factories.
In terms of materials this economic activity uses even larger shares:

• 40% of the world’s wood, minerals, water and energy is used in the manufacturing and transportation of construction materials.

In terms of energy we find an alarming statistic:

• 45% of all the energy consumed in the world is consumed by the manufacture and transportation of building and construction materials.

This is almost more than all other uses combined, and clearly unsustainable.

-World Watch Magazine, Vol.7 #6

Strawbale building can help to redress this energy imbalance in the building and construction industry. For example, it costs the environment:

• 6000 MegaJoules to manufacture 1 tonne of concrete; or
• 115 MegaJoules to produce 1 tonne of straw – and 1 tonne of straw goes further than 1 tonne of concrete.*

* Calculations performed by Richard Hoffmeister from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Scotsdale, Arizona.

Burning Straw Stubble near Ganmain
Burning Straw Stubble near Ganmain
Every harvest we burn straw
Every harvest we burn straw