Designing and Building Small

Straw can be grown in less than half a year in a completely sustainable production system. This is in contrast to timber which can take up to 25 years more to produce a timber frame for a house.

Conversion of straw into a sustainable, renewable resource to be used as a dominant building material could be especially beneficial in areas where timber is scarce and straw is plentiful, for example AUSTRALIA.

Hay Stack Ganmain




GANMAIN CHAFF-Comes from the hay stacks above and IS mixed into our earthen renders AND the earth comes from the footings.  Together with some sand this mix is the PERFECT render/plaster  solution for straw bale homes.  We will supply the Golden Ganmain Earthen Render Pre-mix in 20kgs bags, all you have to do is add water and apply to your straw bales.