Rubber Tyre Footings

Straw Bale Walls

We have conservatively estimated that Australians consume some 18 million-rubber tyres per year (four million cars using 4.5 tyres per year). What happens to them? We are all aware that the disposal of tyres is a major environmental problem in the world. Tyres have an estimated half-life of 30,000 years so they are around for a long time.

Once they are filled with dirt and compacted, tyres make the most earth-friendly and strongest foundations that I have seen. They will outlive any cement foundations by thousands of years. They will not outgas once they are buried because tyres only outgas when they are exposed to direct sunlight. They are termite proof and, once buried, are fireproof as well.

Here is one small building we did in conjunction with the Kogarah City Council in Sydney and Envirotecture.  Enjoy!  Have a go with a small shed and you may even be able to reuse 55 tyres say about 15 years consumption of tyres, way to go!  In the following building we saved by a factor of at least 4 the embodied energy that goes ot make up concrete let alone the 115,000 megajoules of energy that goes into making 1 tonne of concrete.