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INSPIRATION 1.  Jumbo Bale House on Piers Switzerland.

Snow loads as well
Snow loads as well

Last year Catherine Wanek and her mother visited us here in Ganmain from New Mexico as part of her straw bale tour down under.  Catherine left us with her latest book “The Hybrid House”.  In this lovely book there is a story on a jumbo bale house built in Switzerland and I would like to share some photos with you here.  Thanks Catherine!

Catherine Wanek

Of interest is the fact that:

“The enormous bales 2.4m x 1.2m x 700mm {8’x4’x2’4”} also serve as structure, and are calculated to support the two storey house plus 4 meters (12′) of snow, known as “live” load, means that architects must design for an additional 650 kgs per square metre.  Laboratory tests have shown that each bale had a weight bearing capacity of 32 tonnes.

Do yourselves a favour and order the book here:


Location Disentis Switzeralnd

Owners Urs and Christiane Braun-Dubuis

Architect Werner Schmidt, Switzerland Web Site