Lime renders

Cement Renders

Lime render or plaster.

We find the use of lime renders to be of major benefit to us as renderers and to the building we are applying the lime to.   Some benefits include:

  • Ease of application with a pump unit
  • Hold coloured oxides well over time
  • Handles moisture very well even driven rain
  • With the use of the correct sand and lime mix does not crack
  • Can obtain a great finish with lime renders

We have taken the mystery out of lime renders as the lime we have here in Australia is made from the highest quality calcium carbonate limestone.  We use Blue Circle Lime products where we can:

What is Lime?

Lime is one of man’s oldest and most vital chemicals and is often confused with limestone, from which it is derived.  Quicklime is manufactured by calcining high quality limestone at elevated temperatures, which causes volatilising nearly half of the stone’s weight as carbon dioxide.

Hydrated Lime in turn is produced by reacting Quicklime with sufficient water to form a dry white powder. Reactions are as follows:

1. Limestone + Heat (800°C) = Calcium Oxide + Carbon
CaCO3 + Heat = CaO+CO2

2. Quicklime + Water = Calcium Hydroxide + Heat
CaO+H2O = Ca(OH)2

We use an excellent washed render sand with different size particles up to 2.5mm our mix is:

2.5 parts washed render sand : 1 part hydrated plaster lime.

This mix works for all three coats that we apply.  Below are several photographs of the process:




See our projects page for more lime rendering see:

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