Rendering or Plastering

There are many and varied types of roofing methods that can be used in straw bale buildings. Straw Bale walls are very flexible and can accommodate standard roof shapes and trusses, e.g.

• hip roofs
• dutch gables
• gable ends
• skillion or flat roofs

Once the top plates are fixed to the top of the walls then you are ready to build the roof assembly. All roof members need to be fixed to the top plate. We use a variety of methods for fixing roofs to the walls including triple-grips (available at any hardware store), cyclone ties, continuous bracing or hoop iron and in very high wind load areas we use threaded rod to tie them down through the wall assembly.  However, triple-grips have a very high-wind load-factor and can be used in most areas of Australia.

There are also many other forms of roofing and here are just some of the roofs that we have built onto straw bale walls.

In no particular order of preference.