Low Cost Walls

Pakistan Straw Bale

The Hall of Conciliation

There are many ways to build using straw bale walls as the major portion of the building.  This reduces the use of timber or steel frames and hence reduces teh cost.  It is also a lot quicker to build pure load bearing walls.  For those of you that qant a very very low cost wall system you should try using rubble trench footings, sand bag bottom plates, load bearing straw bales and recycled material.  Then build it yourself with help from friends and family.

This type of construction lends itself to those that just need a shed a stable chook house kennel and so on.  Simplicity itself  and the small round building illustrated below cost us less than $500 all up.  We built it with workshop students and had a lot of fun doing so.  We have left the roof as it is and one day we will thatch the roof.  We use this building as a storage shed for the Hall of Conciliation.