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Pakistan Sustainable Straw Bale Building

Here is a link to the video on the earthquake testing done in Nevada by PAKSBAB led by Darcey Donovan:

A 2005 7.6-magnitude quake in Kashmir, Pakistan, killed 100,000 people, most of them by collapsed houses. A recent test of a house with inexpensive straw-bale supports, gravel foundation and clay walls stood up to a test twice as powerful.

Earthquake Testing



No question we can all build this way and have a safe safe and comfortable home.  All we need is the good will to down size our needs and consume far fewer materials which will leave some for our children.

In the following sequence of photos you can see how to build a very low cost straw bale pavilion Pakistan style.  This method suits those of us who want a low cost building which will stand up to a major earthquake.