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Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions run regular workshops in many regions of Australia. You can learn all the fundamentals of strawbale building by actually doing it. Please contact us, or fill in the online enrolment form to secure a place. (See the Home page for more contact details.)

Our workshops feature discussion on and hands-on experience with:

• strawbale wall systems: pre-stressed, load-bearing, bale in-fill and hybrid methods
• bale characteristics: weight, size and modifying the bales; moisture, types of straw etc.
• foundations: matching foundations to the building site and conditions
• door and window openings: different methods
• bale-wall finishes: plasters and rendering
• electrical and plumbing: electrical wiring and plumbing requirements for strawbale building.

Typical agenda for a five-day workshop this varies according to the building that is being built as part of the workshop.

Day 1 Theory:
Load-bearing versus bale in-fill;  low-cost footings and foundations; engineering details 

Bottom and top plates; window and door framing; wall raising

Day 2 Theory:
Wall systems; council requirements; Australian test results 

Windows and door fitting; pre-compression


Power point slide straw bale building show.  Shows many straw bale buildings in Australia from chook sheds to wineries and of course homes of beauty.

Day 3 Theory:
Design parameters for strawbale 

Preparation for clay/chaff renders

Day 4 


Day 5

Theory: Render mixes: cement, lime and earth 

Theory: Electrical, plumbing, cabinets, water proofing bathrooms in regard to straw bale walls.

Hands-on learning; render mixes: lime and earth plus Ganmain chaff render application; lime oxides/colour and variations on mixes.