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We receive several enquiries for custom workshops every month from all over Australia.  We have started setting dates for 2017.   So if you want Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions to conduct a custom workshop to assist you in your building, then now is the time to contact us.  We have done so many of these workshops and below is an idea of what can be achieved over a 5 day custom workshop.

Our last workshop held at Calingiri in Western Australia went very well and here are some photos of what we did in the 5 days:

Calingiri Western Australia Day 1



Calingiri Day 3



Calingiri Day 5





Aldinga South Australia

The Aldinga workshop was a huge success and one of the very best that we have conducted.  Here are a few photos of the 5 day workshop in a great little eco village.

Aldinga 06

Aldinga 04

Aldinga 19

Aldinga 38

Aldinga 43

Aldinga 64

Aldinga 47


Carngham in Victoria and here is the plan:

Matt Thain 001

Day 1 at Carngham Preparation for Workshop

01 Thain Day 1

End of Carngham Workshop Total 8 days from slab to ready for roofing.

43 END


One in Queensland at Canungra 3 Pavilions in 5 Days!

Canungra Day 1

Canungra Day 6


Oxley in Victoria Amazing Result!

Oxley Day 1 

Oxley Day 5




Working with straw is light work, and many hands make it even lighter.

So if you’re looking to build a strawbale house, host a workshop on your property with Huff ‘n’ Puff

Constructions to:

• build your house faster
• see your design come to life
• be guided by experts with years of experience
• learn everything about straw bale building
• have fun while working with your friends
• meet great people and share their knowledge and experiences.

To host an external workshop — that is, one away from Ganmain — you must enter into an agreement

with Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions. To have a look at our terms and conditions for external workshops

please write to us and we will send them to you. (See the Home page for other contact details.)

One of the conditions is that you attend one of our workshops before you host your own so that you

can become familiar with what goes on during a workshop and what is required for us to conduct a

strawbale building workshop on your behalf.

The workshop agreement includes our presence for ten working days on your property. The following

photographs (click on them to see enlargements) will give you an idea of what can be done in ten

working days, with five days set aside to run the workshop.

The result is that everyone wins all round — the client, the students and Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions.

Below some photos of our last custom workshop in Orbost Victoria for our client Juliet Webb and her family.

“On the 31st of May, ten years of dreams and plans began to come to fruition as the cars arrived and the bleary eyed but infinitely keen workshop participants donned their name tags. Within an hour, the first bales were being carried to the slab, and had begun to be laid under the watchful eyes of Susan and John and the teary eyes of a very happy home builder! Not to mention the incredulous eyes of the townsfolk as the saw a haystack transformed into a house…in a weekend! By the end of day two, the top plate had begun to be lifted into place and secured. WOW.

It is hard to find the right superlatives to adequately reward Susan and John for their guidance and instruction through this time but I will try. From the extensive phone calls that despite my best efforts at disorganisation, missed no preparatory detail, to the masterful and respectful control of the site that they exercised at their arrival, the project was always going to be a raging success, and it was. No stone unturned, every participant individualised and catered for, every question answered, the builder on site respected and valued, again WOW. It is a wonderful thing to see true professionals at work.

I would highly recommend Susan and John to anyone who wishes to build Straw bale, and am loving my home more with each passing day. Despite the radical and pioneering nature of the project of this area, have never for a second had cause to regret the decision to build in this way.

Thank you Susan, Thank you John, my beautiful children and I thank you for our wonderful home.”

Juliet Ben Catherine Phillip and little Lizzy.  The Webb family from Orbost, Victoria.

Now if you want Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions to conduct a similar workshop for you, on your property,  please call us or email us:

(02) 6927 6027 or email: [email protected]

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