Adelaide City

Jumbo Strawbale House

Strawbale in the city, Adelaide

Dr Paul Downton’s dream is that the city can save the world, and here are the beginnings of one of the most exiting developments for the built environment; equal to anything in it’s style anywhere in the world. It is the most significant development in sustainable building in Australia to date.

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Roman’s Hut — exterior

Roman’s Hut is a small (55 m2 floor area), timber-framed, two-storey strawbale cottage. The Christie Walk project contains three other strawbale cottages of 90 m2 and 120 m2, but this was the first to be built and occupied — by radical environmentalist Roman Orszanski.

First in the world. Five hundred yards from Victoria Square, in the middle of Adelaide City. Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions are very proud to have worked on all four straw bale town houses in this exciting development. And we congratulate Paul and his team on the completion of Stage 2.  Stage 3 is now also complete with eleven two-bedroom apartments and two two-level penthouses, with laundry and facilities for receptions, ground-level and roof-top gardens, healthy non-toxic construction and solar energy, rain water capture and leading edge, climate-responsive design.

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