3rd SITUPS Mudgee Area.

We have been working on behalf of our latest client from the Mudgee area of New South Wales.  Our client is very private and her  name is Mandy.  Mandy is the owner builder and very handy and is enjoying the challenge of this our latest SITUPS building.  We have helped Mandy along the way with design, engineering and council applications.  Mandy dos all the buying of the materials and lining up the trades.

The daily or latest photos will be put up on our front page as they happen.

Here are just a few photos from the 7 working days we have been erecting the walls and preparing them for roofing and rendering in that order.  Two straw bale builders and one carpenter.

Rylstone SITUPS 009

The 70 SITUPS panels arrive on a semi trailer.

Rylstone SITUPS 015


The first SITUP goes up.

Mudgee SITUPS day 2 015


All the 70 SITUPS are in place ready for fixing after 2 days.

15 Mudgee SITUPS day 6 006


Quick and easy to erect.

01 Mudgee SITUPS days 8 to 9 007


Start of the 6th working day.

14 Mudgee SITUPS day 10 006


Day 7 Ready for Roofing!

17 Mudgee SITUPS day 10 018

Rylestone August 2014 004Rylestone August 2014 006Rylestone August 2014 009Mandy 1st Day Render 004Mandy 1st Day Render 009Mandy 1st Day Render 01201 August06 August

01 Mandy Dec02 Mandy Dec03 Mandy Dec04 Mandy Dec05 Mandy Dec06 Mandy Dec07 Mandy Dec08 Mandy Dec09 Mandy Dec