SITUPS Home Passes Test

Blower Door test similar to the one done on the SITUPS.

Good news our SITUPS are performing well with the latest SITUPS home nearing completion.  Our clients have gone to great lengths to ensure a home that passes the stringent requirements for a Passive House certification.

“Great result this week. With Passive House you make the inside air tight (no leaks) and use a mechanical ventilation system to move air in and out moderating the inside temp. To test the airtightness they use a blower door to measure outward pressure then inward pressure and average the air flows (leaks). Typical house would be 15-20 air changes per hour, Passive House certified maximum is .6 air changes, we got .28! Lowest the guy has seen. So all that tape and paper has paid off.”

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Blower Door Testing



Congratulations John and Kym.